Athletic Reformer Variations<br>John Garey<br>Class 3301

Athletic Reformer Variations
John Garey
Class 3301

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Always love your classes! You are such an innovative, creative teacher! I am always challenged and learn something new. You keep it all fresh and new. Thanks for your great work and for sharing it with us all!
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Awesome variations! loved it! Thanks John!
That was great! Love those ab things with hundred starts. And the side bend twist at the end...OMG. Thank you !
So much fun, John. Loved all the variations and sequences. I am Stott trained originally so really enjoyed hearing the names of some of the exercises since they were how I learned them 15 years ago. Thanks again for the class and your creativity.
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Thank you John. I love your classes and admire your energy and enthusiasm which adds to the fun!
Sencillamente espectacular!! Mil gracias!
Super like always!!!!!
Wonderful class!! Great cuing !!
Great workout. Really love all the side body work. Looking forward to the next workout with you.
Excellent! I really enjoyed the workout! Thank you for sharing :)
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