Meri Christmas Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3306

Meri Christmas Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3306

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Wow! thank you for such a great class! holidays are defiantly welcome! what about Hannuka ;)?
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You are so cute!!!
I had a lot of fun with you doing this class!! Thanks so much tou you 3!!
Thank so much Pilates Anytime. You are such a wonderful, joyful and delightful gift to me every day!!!
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Such a fun class to do on this Christmas morning. Thank you ladies and Merry Christmas.
Eurona T
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Merry Christmas, Meredith, Amy, and Kristi! It was so nice spending Christmas morning on the mat with you ladies. Popped the turkey in the oven; gifts are under the tree; and, I got some much needed mindful movement in before the joyful chaos of the day begins. Thank you!!
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So much fun, as always; what a great way to start the holiday! Thanks so much for this wonderful gift :)
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Merry Christmas! Thank you, ladies, for a sweet little sweat this AM!
Lina S
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Merry Christmas! Thank you. I needed it this morning. I welcome this Pilates Anytime tradition!
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Thank you for a beautiful gift!
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Love this class! Thank you and Merry Christmas!
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this was really fun...thank you to all... Merry
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