Class Programming<br>Sally Anderson<br>Tutorial 3308

Class Programming
Sally Anderson
Tutorial 3308

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Lindsay R
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I couldn't find the download link for the system you are describing, please can you provide it again? Thank you for an interesting lesson program/ progresssion talk.
I couldn’t find the link either and would love to take a look.
Lindsay, Judith, and Tom ~ The pdf is available in a link below the description. It is called he PIC System™ Studio. I hope this helps!
Sally Anderson
Hi everyone, Thank you so much for joining me for this tutorial. I truly think having a reasoned programming system is so important and I am very pleased you've taken the time to chase up the link. I can access it on the page so it's definitely there, but different devices might have difficulties. So here are the two pages to that link - hopefully they come up okay for you here. If not, I'm sure we can sort. Happy Pilate-ing! Sally :)

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I really like this approach to teaching, it has given me a lot to think about.
Efrat T
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Dear Sally, I would like to learn more about the PIC system. How can I get more information?
Thank you
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Dear Sally,

I would also like some more information, particularly resources which you may help to expand on what you discussed in tutorial.

Thank you
Where can I find the Mat system as well?
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Hi Sally, thanks for an interesting tutorial. As a recently certified instructor it is essential for me to be able to access workshops like yours to deepen my understanding of class structures and programming!!
Please could you share the Matwork system with us?
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