Functional Mat Practice
Tom McCook
Class 3312

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If I could click LOVE I would. Tom you never disappoint in creating a class that teaches me to find more ease in my body and education of my mind body connection!!!! I do hope I will be able to take a workshop in person one day in the near future! I live in Northern Cali. Will you be doing any workshops in the area in 2018?
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Super workout. Love your approach and explanations allowing us to really feel the movement. Thank you x
Great session thanks Tom. Really useful I think to let the pelvis move naturally as it gait rather than always trying to keep pelvis facing forward. Hips feel good!!
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I have to agree with Sarah feels good to let the pelvis move as in movement with “walking”
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Brilliant class. Thank you for giving such unique and helpful cueing. This class has now become a regular part of my rehab series that include other fantastic PA classes.
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Un genio!!
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Excellent class, love the feedback in the body movement. Cues spot on! Thank you
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Fabulous class. I remembered to sense again the weight distribution over my feet at the end and it was better balanced. Thanks!
Thank you all for your inspiring feedback! Darlene, just check our website for my upcoming workshops at Center of Balance! Wishing you all the very best!
This work is where I learned to habitually extend the back of the neck when in thoracic extension, and this transformed my entire Pilates practice, especially plank. Another lesson, another sincere thank you.
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