Graceful Mat Flow<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3330

Graceful Mat Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 3330

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Thank you for a perfect Valentine’s gift! Loved the ease and flow and depth of movement. Xo.
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Precision, controll, lovely motion, thank you, Meredith.
Nice day from Slovakia.
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Sweet start to the day. Thanks for the challenge and the inspiration! Happy Valentine's Day!
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Beautiful class, I will take many of those thoughts with me this evening when teaching my class, thank you . And Meredith you are a graceful spring chicken!!😉
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Fantastic, flowing class! I also loved the wisdom peppered throughout- movement lessons turning into life lessons, looking deep within, letting go, manifesting, all that great inspiration. Thank you Meredith!!
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Superb class! Thank you 😊
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Loved this class. Thank you.
Thank you all SO much!
This class was intended to be a follow up to the 10 day "Return to You" challenge.
Nice to see some participants here.
If you've not done the challenge, consider giving yourself that gift.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!
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I really love the flow of this class! Meredith is one of my favorites! Great workout for just getting over the flu. Not too intense but not too easy-for me at least....
Thank you!
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