Wunda Chair Sequences<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3338

Wunda Chair Sequences
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3338

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Thank you Elizabeth for a wonderful class! I especially loved your Reversed Swan variation with the extension! Reversed Swan has never been my favorite one up to now and my shoulders loved the humeral spiral it offers. Regarding the "tail wagging" my client once called it a "teapot hips" haha said his image was pouring a tea. We love our tea in UK lol
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Transformative! Thanks so much, Elizabeth.
Gerri M
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This class is fabulicious..
Love the sequencing and how good I feel after doing it ...so vital.
Thank you ...I have done workshops with you in person and treasure your intelligence and enthusiasm
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Thanks for this wonderful creative class. Your cuing and directions are crystal clear.
Love this class! Thank you!
Best wishes from Helsinki!
Oh my goodness Elizabeth Larkam those upstretch/pull-ups! A Super- twisty fun challengešŸ’œthank you
Lovely class!
Thank you Christie Very best wishesšŸŒ¹
so great love the movements and variations. wonderful class
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Amazing class, love all of these rotational movements, thanks Elizabeth!
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