Day 9: Maximum Range
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3352

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I just have to get over my fear of doing that was standing front splits! Tough for me today! Very early morning and a full morning of back to back clients. But in the end...So glad I did this! Love the lateral flexion at the close . Thank you!
Connie keep working on the front split....use your feet and the power from your legs...really important to feel front leg glut and hamstring working. For better balance, try squeezing your adductors a bit and imagine you are growing taller. Keep me posted!
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I will! Thank you Sarah!
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YIIIAHHH! Wow, I feel empowered! For me it is the end of the day. I have been teaching and helping people all day long. Then I did Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckles Fascial Dog on the wall, because that is my go to exercise to get answers about my body, ( can highly recommend it!) and THEN I did this. My legs shake and I am so proud that I did the Front Splits! I would have never dared to try it! Again so much fun, thank you Sarah!!
Wow Silke! Thank you for playing!!!
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After a whole week of busy, but no Pilates this felt great!

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Wow! I was able to do the standing splits! A little wobbly, but I did it. Need to work on the teaser. I'm loving all these classes! Thank you:)
Denee It is a beautiful thing when the body "shows up" for us! Anne-Marie Fantastic to hear you were able to to the splits. Thanks for playing!!
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Thank you Sarah Bertucelli -loved the combo foot work w/bridging from various foot positions and the reverse teasers- wonderful spinal articulationšŸ’œ
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Thank you Sarah--I'm a long way from standing splits but I just do hangin' on splits and feel good.
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