Down and Dirty Mat<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 3364

Down and Dirty Mat
Maria Leone
Class 3364

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Thank you Maria! I second Connie's comment!
John B
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Those Leg Circles !!! Whole new feeling in the abs ! Thank you.
Patty Hafen
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This was perfect for my needs today. (Caring for my Mom for the week, and this was perfect to squeeze into my day.) Thank you!
Melissa D
A quick and challenging workout. Love it!
Nice! But would not call it deliberate...
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thank you Maria, I have been looking for an online pilates program for ages, this one i have just tried and it's a great workout in 20 minutes. Looking forward to completing more every day, stay tuned...
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Love this!
This was just what I needed in the amount of time I Had! Great sequence and my body feels worked.
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Fantastic cues; you indicate what the rest of the body should be experiencing, not just cueing the movement. Great variations too making it accessible as well- thank you- love your teaching :)
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