Quick Athletic Reformer<br>Maria Leone<br>Class 3365

Quick Athletic Reformer
Maria Leone
Class 3365

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Love love your classes and love the speed of this class!!!! Thank you for another great workout!
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"A lot of fun" AND a lot of work !!! Thanks for this beautiful workout Maria :)
LOVED it!!! What a wonderful way to wake up this morning. It was snowing in Alberta, Canada, so it was extra lovely to see the person paddling in the background and taking an extra breath at the end of this routine:0) Thank you Maria-so fun and effective!
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Really good workout, I like to do a faster more athletic reformer set after a short run so this is perfect, would love to see more like this. Thank you
It’s pj. Oh how I love and miss you Maria you are so fab. It’s fantastic to watch you ....such intelligence and grace!!!!
Got my heart pumping! Yes! Thank you!
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awesome start to my day,such a great workout in a short time thank you Maria
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loved it! great pace and cuing
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So so so so perfect. Thank you. I am sweating.
Thank you. Loved the cueing. Especially “Form over range”. Find myself saying that so often to my clients!
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