Quick Athletic Reformer
Maria Leone
Class 3365

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Thank you soo much. Just what I needed at the end of the week.
Wow, that was intense! Loved the pace; no time to stop and think about how much I was being challenged just had to get on with it. Really enjoyed it, got my heart rate up :)
Perfect end to the day when feeling slow in the head and need to cleanse my body. Thank you!
Awesome class! Thank You.
I feel addicted to this class! thanks you for sharing. today is my 3rd day doing this class and I'm planning to do it tomorrow again xxx
This was perfect - thank you!
Efficient workout, beautiful flow with great cues. Thank you.
Second time taking this class and I got an even better workout. One of my favourites for sure! Thanks Maria!
Efficient and effective! Fantastic class! Thank you!
Love love love....so much fun, great workout, great cuing, and so efficient
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