The Effect of Adhesions
Jennifer Golden
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Hi Rosemary ! Sounds like you have some very creative ideas! Very interesting question about stretch and load. The answer to that depends on your goal and what philosophy of movement resonates with you. I often don't tend to aim for "stretch" per se, but more for gliding between layers and resilience of the tissues.
The requirement of load may be needed if you are looking to actually lengthen muscle fibers, but I am not educated in the current science on that topic.
There is a concept called Biotensegrity, which is the basis on how I often view the body. I might ask myself why this person has chronic pain in that area and how their posture/movement strategy could be contributing. It might also be interesting to explore if combining the abdominal release portion of this video with exercises to strengthen the lumbar, pelvis, and hip stabilizers might cause relief.
Don't want to get carried away ;) Feel free to reach out personally if you'd like to chat further!
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I think my brain just exploded! Wow....lots to think about on this one. Thank you .... and sending lots of love & light for your speedy recovery! Hurry back - love learning from you.
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Blessings of longevity and good health to you Jennifer. Thank you for sparking my curiosity.
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Beautifu! Prayers & best wishes for your upcoming surgery xx
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Jennifer this was indeed hugely inspiring & so interesting Your presented it so clearly . Hope all goes well for you & wish you a speedy recovery Thanks for sharing with us
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Jennifer I love seeing how adhesions post surgery, injury, radiation are being addressed more often and being brought to the forefront. I am too a breast cancer survivor and post bilateral mastectomy, axillary dissection, chemo and radiation. As a P.T. I noticed right away the changes in my tissue mobility, range of motion etc. With implants you change the previous biomechanics as they are located under the pectoralis muscles and the radiation and scaring definitely changed the tissues. Where I noticed it the most was in my Lats on the side of radiation, scapular rhythm and ROM of my axillary dissection. Freeing that motion up is and has still been a challenge for me. I instruct Pilates at a cancer center and my clients also have similar issues that we work on . Good luck with your continued treatments and I look forward to you sharing more info. Going through all the above is amazing gift we can give to others. Blessings to you.
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I have always enjoyed and benefit from your perspective in movement. You teach in a way that is understandable and can easily be applied. As a therapist and pilates instructor you are spot on with the fascia adherence that can inhibit healthy movement! Kudos! Can't wait to use a a few of my clients who are "stuck". Prayers for health Jennifer!
Jennifer I think we met many years ago. It is such a pleasure to watch you. You are an excellent, inspirational and so articulate. I love your choice of words. Sending you healing vibes.
My Best,
Maria Leone
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Still absorbing all that wonderful info. You're an awesome woman Jen!! Would love some feedback on how to apply this to a shoulder injury. I'm using breathing as a tool (help release tension) which has helped with my client but would appreciate some more in depth tools.. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and positive energy with us.
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