Creative Foam Roller<br>Jennifer Golden<br>Class 3395

Creative Foam Roller
Jennifer Golden
Class 3395

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I loved this class. The directions regarding intention were thought-provoking and really helpful. Great teaching! Thank you so much.
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Absolutely wonderful class and teacher. Some very different uses of the roller, loved sidelying work that follows so well after the massage work. Loved it all, lots of new ideas for my classes
Lina S
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Fun and creative. I've really enjoyed the mix of stretch and strengthening. Thank you!
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Merci infiniment! Quelle belle classe!
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I just love your class!! So new, so different , so full of life energy!
Deborah Witkin (South Africa)
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Extra class! Thanks a lot
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Beautiful work Jenifer. Fabulous creativity. My body really enjoyed that tremendously! Thank You!!
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Great class with variety and flow. Thanks and I hope to see more of your classes.
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Great class. So interesting.... the range of exercises and the flow.
Thank you
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Wonderful class! Did it with my daughter, she said you look beautiful! All the best!
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