Fuse Ladder<br>Mariska Breland<br>Class 3397

Fuse Ladder
Mariska Breland
Class 3397

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wow, so so much love your class. Thank you!
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so creative! Loved it, thank you
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Wow love this !!!! Great work
Christy S
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So creative!!!
Patty Hafen
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Wow! Lots of new things here for me - loved it. I'll be trying some of this tomorrow. Thank you!
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Fantastic Mariska! Love your fresh creativity and flow. Thanks, Kris
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What I most love and appreciate about this innovative work is that it is not just using the apparatus for a “creative” workout but it is actually applying and staying within the system of Joseph Pilates’ body of work which to me is not being explored to its depths by most presenters/instructors/students. Brilliant! Thank you.
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I watched this class, didn't do it, but I will, soon. Great class!
Thank you all for your feedback! Sam Mantha - your comment was so heartwarming for me! I have an internal battle about how much of a Pilates teacher I can claim to be when I stray (often) from the classics, so I was grateful to read that you think I’m still trying to honor the brilliant system. (I hope I succeed).
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