Building Up to Teaser Twist<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Tutorial 3403

Building Up to Teaser Twist
Benjamin Degenhardt
Tutorial 3403

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Love all of your videos, Benjamin, especially these short but powerful progressions. Your precise, informative cueing always makes it seem a lot easier than it is! ;D Still, can't wait to try this one tomorrow. Thanks!
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Such clear and complete cueing!🌟 Love all the layers and “ways in” that you never fail to supply.....thankyou!!
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great, great, great!!! clear cueing and the progression put it all together .
Whoua !!! Thank you so much for these precious tips !!!!
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Wonderful stuff! Thank you! :)
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Great tutorial; always so good to revisit all the bits and pieces. Thank you!
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I love your tutorials. Such clear cueing. Fabulous- thank you
AWESOME WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you VERY MUCH.
Thanks Benjamin, love the breakdown.
I'm highly encouraging all of you to check back this weekend for the grand finale of Benjamin's last visit with us. Benjamin offers a complimentary workshop of all 34 original Mat exercises "workshopped" similar to his tutorials, then put together in a flowing class with Meredith Rogers as the student. Great content!
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