Reformer and Barrel Play<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 3408

Reformer and Barrel Play
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 3408

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Wow! I was breathless just watching, yet your cueing was as calm as humorous as always, even through your powerful barrel work! Thanks, Benjamin and Frank!
I love watching all of your classes.. your breakdowns are especially helpful for me as an instructor .. but today’s workout, the choice of exercises and variations on the reformer and including the barrel at the end with many of my faves was simply perfect! LOVED THE FLOW! Thank you!
Benjamin, that was like an advert for a barrel. I don't have one here in Tokyo (bit space-constrained), but boy, that class makes me realllly want one. Well done.
Allison C
Yay! Feeling younger after that πŸ’›
you both get a standing ovation!!!!
That was inspiring and I cant wait to get on the barrel tom.
Michele M
Wow I do feel like a million dollars!! Thank you both, so much fun to practice with you!
Raymond Harris
Great work boys. Benjamin and Frank are both very inspirational to me. Loved the workout and the deliberate pace and the strength work.!!! Reminds me that I need to bring more extension work into my teaching.
Oh my!! what a finish on the Ladder Barrel... that was amazing! and yes beautiful! so entertaining and exciting to watch! I have to try ...might not be as pretty :)
Beautiful πŸ’–
Awesome work and how Benjamin talks upside down so clearly???!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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