Mat Flow with Friends<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3421

Mat Flow with Friends
Meredith Rogers
Class 3421

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Love, Love, love
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What’s a “spiral ham” 🤔
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Thank you Meri and the girls! You made my Friday! And now off for some vino....xx
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Almost missed my daily P-time but happy to wrap up a crazy day with these girls. :)
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Thanks for another awesome class!
Thank you ALL for your sweet feedback and for spending time with us.
Sarah the spiral ham was initially introduced by the HoneyBaked ham company whose founder patented a machine that slices a ham into a single continuous spiral around the bone. This makes it easy to remove individual pieces.
I honestly don't know how that idea got in my head!! Google for images.
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difficult and fun!! thank you so much!!
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Loved the workout! My body definitely needed this🤗🤗
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So great! Just what I needed—thank you as ever!
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Mary, your exuberance was contagious and added to the fun and flow. The abdominal work was just what I hoped for. Thanks for another great class. Would love to add props to another like this.
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