Length and Strength Reformer<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3426

Length and Strength Reformer
Monica Wilson
Class 3426

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Really loved how you built up/ warmed up the teaser !
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Very nice . I think workouts are more interesting with normal clients. I like your way of teaching and how you give instructions to your client. Thank you very much.
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I really loved this class. Thank you, Monica. And guess, what? I was able to do the teaser!!
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I love everything happened in the class. So perfect! Thank you very much!
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liked the build up and the stretching but did not understand gear one and gear two. i need to know what springs to put on.
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I too loved the progression to the teaser! Very excited to try this with my active cyclist on Thursday. He struggles with teaser. Hoping this will get him there. Fantastic class! Thank you!
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Lovely instruction Monica. Joe you were spectacular. Very impressive!
Monica Wilson
Hi Verneisa, Thank you for asking about the gears. On average, this Reformer System would be done in 1st gear throughout the entire workout. My client Joe however, is tall and has very tight hip flexors. I have to extend the carriage out a gear for his Footwork, Long Stretch Series, Stomach Massage, Running and Pelvic Lift in order for him to have the right alignment to execute the exercises. I work on a Gratz Reformer which has 4 equal resistant springs. I am not sure about all manufacturers but for example, Balance Body has 5 springs of varying resistance. You might have to play around with what feels right to you when I say "4 springs" or "2 springs" but you should be able to stick to 1st gear on your Reformer. Some examples where one might need to use the 2nd or 3rd gear are: taller then 6', bad knees, or extremely tight hip flexors to name a few. I hope this helps! Again, thank you for your comment:)
Monica, I really appreciate your clear and concise directions. Your visuals are helpful as well.
Danita R
Nice to see a teacher instruct a "normal" guy!
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