Wilted Arms vs. Active Arms<br>Diane Severino<br>Tutorial 3444

Wilted Arms vs. Active Arms
Diane Severino
Tutorial 3444

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I just love her!😄
Susan B
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I always love Diane's classes. So much fun....
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Always a great day when there is a new Diane Severino video! Great teacher, great presentation, not to mention her wonderful personality!
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My first time viewing her - she is fabulous!!
Educational, motivating and always with humor..
Diane is amazing!!
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You bring quality to my movement. Hope you return to Seattle sometime soon. PA has helped us follow your insights. Thank you!
She is amazing. I love her
Ive just recently discovered her. She is great and makes me laugh.
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learning through movement! thank you, Diane.
Superbe as always!
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