Quick Energetic Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3449

Quick Energetic Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3449

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Thank you...I didn't feel like working out but so glad I did. Great quick workout.
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Very beneficial class with the balance ball! It energizes every muscle in the body in an easy and time efficient way. Loved it!!
Thank you all for spending time with me!
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Always love your classes!!! Perfect when having a gap in the day!!!
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Thank you Meri! That was amazing! Especially loved the back extension ❤️. Xox
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I must have something wrong with me, everyone else loved this! I was almost put to sleep-talking was so slow, I had to skip forward. #justsayin
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Just did it again and loved it even more! Thanks Meri! Miss you! X
Thanks for the feedback Vicki!

Miss you too Jennifer.
That back extension is my absolute favorite.
This is refreshing, fun, and energizing. Thank you for putting this class together. I am using it often and each time it's better than the first!
You always reach the right spots Meredith! Thankyou
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