Lengthening Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3450

Lengthening Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3450

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Excellent class Amy! Lovely flow as always - thank you!
Alexandra L
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Thank you Amy. Very well thought out sequence which I enjoyed, did the class twice (so far).
Erin O
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Thank you so much, Amy!
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Fantastic class Amy, love your flow ! Thank you!
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Wow! Amy! That felt fantastic!
Kim W
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I teach a lot of mat, and love using the band, but find I revert to the same old, tired exercises. This class gave me fun and effective ideas to try with my classes. Weird question: do you write out your list of exercises, or just make it up as you go? How do you remember all that!?
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hi! can i do this with a towel if i don't have a theraband handy?
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Excellent class! Thank you Amy!!!
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Really nice class, Amy--I feel great now. Thank you!
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The band is definitely one of my favourite props. I loved all the back extension work, feels really good after a day in the office It's like I am no longer capable of "slouching". Thank you, I really feel elongated now.
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