Lower Extremity Assessment<br>Juan Nieto<br>Tutorial 3453

Lower Extremity Assessment
Juan Nieto
Tutorial 3453

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Gracias Juan!
Siempre es una alegria verte enseñarnos tanto en detalles. Muchas gracias Juan, ojalá algún día pueda conocerte en persona.
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Like the intention and the purpose of the class that it’s very useful, also consider the difficulty of explain in a foreign language, but I would say in my opinion of course, that I can’t obvious the alignment of the girl, and for me it’s primarily, she needs to have for example her pelvis aligned, her knees are hyperextended....so, in spite of such a wonderful information, I consider that...aligment goes first.
Juan Nieto
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Hi Laura and thanks for your message. Excuses for my poor English, it's always complicated to put yourself in front of a camera and talk. Current evidence is clearly moving away from the concept of "proper alignment". It looks like it's an overvalued term and there's actually a big body of research finding positive result in loading and training "malaligned" movement patterns. Everybody has a particular way of moving and there's not a perfect or correct way of moving, everyone of us has a more efficient way of moving and it could be far away from what is considered a proper alignment.
Juan Nieto
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I continue here Laura, it was too long... What we can say for sure is that the most important factors to protect our bodies is to improve our tissue capacity and our movement variability. The more movement options available, the less "wear & tear" to the very same tissue, but if those tissues are resilient enough, even lacking the variability wouldn't affect too much, as soon as the person is not changing the load or activities they practice. Thanks for watching and commenting.
Hi Juan Don’t worry about language, I feel the same sometimes, but we understood perfectly ( I mention in positive, I always write ...”sorry about my English” ) it’s ok. For the rest, I think that we can’t put nice windows, robotic, systems or thick doors in house if it is not well built....but it’s just my point of view. I like your class, and it is very nice from you to show Joseph work beyond the series that everybody knows . Kind Regards!!! See you in more classes!!
Gracias Juan NietoEste video es genial. He tenido la suerte de tenerte como mentor en España. Me encanta como explicas de forma tan simple argumentos tan"hostiles", dando prioridad a la libertad de movimiento.
Me encantaría ver el apartado de los ejercicios, que no encuentro en ningún lado.

By the way..your English is perfect!!!!!
Juan Nieto
Cristina Gracias por tus comentarios! Creo que los ejercicios a los que me refiero en el vídeo forman parte de un workshop. Un cordial saludo!
Josephine O
Very nice class. So what's the treatment plan?
Juan Nieto
Thanks Josephine for your message. There're some ideas with my approach to condition lower extremities in this workshop: https://www.pilatesanytime.com/workshop-view/3497/video/Pilates-Lower-Extremities-by-Juan-Nieto

I hope it's helpful for you.

Best regards.
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