Psoas & Stomach
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3460

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Loved this! A new area to roll and felt wonderful!
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Hi Niedra, I really liked this class, I did find it painful and not much release yet, I had a C section 2.5 yrs ago, could that make it harder to get through and release? How often would it be ok to do this a week?
Many thanks! loving this whole journey!
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This is a whole new game for me! :) Lots of new discoveries and surprises how tight this area was as I frequently use other ways to release my Psoas but not Stomach. Feeling my lower extremity is much lighter, and opened afterwards as I walk. What a treat to start my day (teachings), so delicious! Thank you very much Niedra.
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Thanks for this new gem of a sequence, Niedra :)) Yet another one i'll need to get back to from time to time!
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As a trainer I LOVE releasing the Psoas and the deep and superficial front lines......instructors get so tightened and shortened! Great class
Thank you Debra Anne P. Chloe Jenny and Lori for your comments. I know this front body work can be painful but well worth it. C sections can be challenging of course - scar tissue build up but no matter what your condition, this work helps the body recalibrate upwards.
Amazing! WOW. Thank you.
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Wow, I have never felt so much stretch and release in my front torso. Fantastic! And my tight left side has released a whole lot too! Thank you, Niedra Gabriel :)
I am applauding you Kirsty , this is awesome!
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Thank you Niedra! As always I enjoy listening to your discussion through the exercise. It's so much more enjoyable to do what's good for the body when the mind can connect it all!
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