Precise Mat Flow<br>Lolita San Miguel<br>Class 347

Precise Mat Flow
Lolita San Miguel
Class 347

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Lolita's graceful movements and precise cues inspire me every time I take this class!
Great class! Thank Lolita!
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Impresionante, me ha encantado!! sorry but I need to express spanish emotion!
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i love Lolita's warm way of being with her students - this was my first class here and I find her presence very supportive - I was surprised by how she could create such a nice atmosphere even "online" - thank you Lolita!
That class was my best Christmas present! Thank you Pilates Anytime and Lolita! Fabulous cues and presentation.
She is my hero, hope to follow her path as I learn more daily.
Lisa Hubbard
Lolita is precise in every way. I wish that I could have been there for this incredible experience.
we are so lucky to have her on this forum. thank you so much!
i really think you are fantastic!
Fabulous lady. I love this class!
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