Wunda Chair Progression<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3481

Wunda Chair Progression
Amy Havens
Class 3481

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Really good teaching. It was a pleasure to see how Amy worked specifically with Nicole, and how Nicole showed up that particular day.
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Great work Nicole! Great teaching, as always, Amy! Just last week I was hoping you would film some more chair classes, so thank you.
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WONDERFUL class! Thank you Amy and so sorry I missed you in London this time x
Kim W
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Holy crap! Nicole, you’re a rockstar. I appreciate you being real, in the moment, and true to your body. Thank you for keeping that bit in the class, because we as teachers have those moments all the time, and it was informative to see Amy model how to navigate through that in such a beautiful, thoughtful way. And, Amy, keep saying “y’all.” We Southern gals are happy to have you in the sisterhood!
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I really needed that ankle flexion and straightening today! So many great cues ! Loved all that scooping work we did leading up to the pike. Thank you for a great class!
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Great teaching, great student! Fun, fast and flow😊
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Love love your classes Amy!
Terri W
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Nicole you are a rock star! Great class :)
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Expert cues and outstanding effort all the way around. When I'm practicing at home, and I say "no, not today," I mean it. If we are to continue along this Pilates journey together and as individuals, we must have compassion for ourselves in order to find the willingness to keep coming back.
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Amy, I love you best when you teach - it's very different than when you are doing and giving the class. I also love that you used the appropriate body for the appropriate level class.
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