Foam Roller Flow
Tash Barnard
Class 3495

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Challenging and invigorating! Loved it.
Tashy!Always so inspiring...What a super energizing class!!Cannot wait to try on my
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Wow that was amazing! Love you all! Can't believe i was able to keep up. Still can't raise my leg on the side plank but with Pilates Anytime continually challenging me I'll get there. Thank you ladies your awesome!
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Fantastic class. Love your vibe and energy. thank you x
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HI everyone
I hope your PM's reach you!
If not, please get in touch
i can't wait to welcome you back to Pilates Anytime soon!
: )
Great class Tash Barnard!
And SO challenging!
I LOVE you!!
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Great fun and upbeat thanks 🙏
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Thank you Tash, excellent class, you are bright cheerful and very hard driving. Creative use of the roller. I enjoyed the class and finished it!
Thank you Tash - fantastic class. I didn't notice the time passing at all. Loved the roller and circle combo! May I ask - when you are lying lengthwise on the roller with the circle between the ankles, legs bent, lowering the feet to the ground - should the back remain in neutral or imprint? Many thanks, G.
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