Smart Moves Reformer<br>Jared Kaplan<br>Class 3514

Smart Moves Reformer
Jared Kaplan
Class 3514

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Excellent class, indeed , and challenging as well. Boys are gonna like it
Okay, that was amazing !!!!! well done Jared :))
Praveena C
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Wow. That is a fantastic full body workout. Thank you Jared.
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Thank you Filippo ! Game on, boys! =) Deborah Wasko , Praveena thanks for the feedback - and for working out with me! This is my favorite go-to series when I'm a little short on time, but eager to get that workout in for the day.
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Wow! That was great! I loved the beginning side over move while kneeling. I believe even “some” less advanced clients may be able to execute that move. Thank you!
Suzanne M
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Great moves! I really like the wind up rotation on the knees. And the hinged plank on the forearms is perfect for clients who don't like to be on their wrists. Thank you!
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Thank you so much Connie and Suzanne ! I love that kneeling side translation / stretch and how it opens up the next Wind Up/twist too - definitely useful for EVERYONE! And Suzanne : great point about those with wrist issues - this position helps streamline the work to the trunk and the opening of the thoracic spine while the upper arms have to work against the spring; a beautiful combination!
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Subscribing to Pilates Anytime is to get INSPIRED by creative people like yourself !!

My Q is : having a dancer background, it sounds funny that your fav number of reps is...NINE.

Must be an explanation ...
Jared, great class! I loved it, challenging kneeling work and squats! My NFL player is going to love it! It's nice to hear about the importance of the serratus!!! Congrats from your fellow student at Kane School!
Jared and Marimba, high 5! Love all this multi-plane movement. I can see concepts of functional fitness all through this workout which is so useful. I talk to my clients a great deal about the importance of lats and serratus being strong yet elastic, rather than locking or getting rigid. So important for the shoulder girdle to have good conversation with pelvic girdle.
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