Rebalancing Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3521

Rebalancing Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3521

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Thanks everyone!! Glad you're enjoying this rebalancing session! Isadora -- I got the t-shirt from a yoga studio in San Francisco. Would you like more info on it?!
Lore Miller
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Pulled my low back while spotting a client two days ago. This workout was the perfect antidote!!. thank you Amy.
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Amy that was fabulous! I returned yesterday from a girls weekend (and we all know those can be a little rough on the body)! It was back to reality today! my body needed this! That stretch at the end OMG! It was brilliant!

I have a client that loves doing one day of ball / floor work and one day on apparatus. She is going to benefit from this class! Thank you so much!
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Thanks Amy, this was just what I needed. I really appreciate these quick classes.
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great class - i love to work with the ball ;)
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My days are longer for the next few months due to work. I'm finding time to exercise in the morning, specifically doing Pilates to avoid hustling to the gym and losing precious time. This was exactly what I needed: movement in the lower body to challenge my balance, core, and large muscle groups, and strength in the upper body to stabilize myself. Please add more classes like this -- your stability ball work out was refreshing! Thank you Amy Havens
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This was what I needed today...simple and effective class...thank you
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Given we had a 26 hr. ride back home from Europe this was perfect! Thank you!
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Amy, if it’s not too late I’d love more info on the studio you got the shirt from. I live in SF. Would also love to know if you are ever guest teaching in town!
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