Jump Board Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3522

Jump Board Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3522

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Alina N
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wonderful class. my first jump workout. more please!!!
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I really like this … my question is what classes would you direct me to that even more difficult on the jumpboard that you teach? Thanks!! Also what manual would you recommend I buy if I wanted to learn all the jumpboard moves?! Thanks! 
Glad you enjoyed this class Alina N and Elizabeth D !  I have several jump board classes here on PA Elizabeth D , take a look and see if any are of interest to you.  I cannot recommend a manual to you.  I'm sure there are many you can find that only have the jump board exercises, but many teachers are creative and create useful combinations that may not show up in a manual.  A fully comprehensive teacher training program should give you plenty of examples.
Thanks Amy loved the straps on thigh work!
Really enjoyed the slower more thoughtful sequences. My legs are buzzing afterwards and I feel worked all over.  Thank you! 
Your jump board classes are always the best. Thank you Amy!
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