Core Stability Mat<br>Karen Clippinger<br>Class 3524

Core Stability Mat
Karen Clippinger
Class 3524

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In honor of Karen Clippinger.
Marina A
The most amazing core stability class EVER!
Karen Clippinger
Dora, Jocelyn and Marina:
Thank you for your wonderful comments. And Jocelyn, thank you for the beautiful picture. No gift greater to a teacher than knowing her work is appreciated by other teachers. Wishing you all good health in these trying times.
Loved the class! Innovative exercises! Thanks!
Amazing class thank you xxx
Karen Clippinger
Dina and Justine:
Thank you for your lovely comments and appreciation. They are particularly meaningful in these challenging times and I send wishes for staying healthy and safe.
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Wow, that was a very nice and challenging class. And I am deeply impressed about your balance, Karen! It went right into my favourites.
I agree with Karen. The class was not a strength challenge. It was more about challenging one's balance &  coordination. It was certainly a good class to work on proprioception.  I think I need a stickier mat though. I have a cork mat, which is great, but one slides on it easier than some other mats. I had fun & got to do a lot of moves I don't see in other classes. Thanks Karen:) 
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