Athletic Reformer Layering<br>Erika Quest<br>Class 3535

Athletic Reformer Layering
Erika Quest
Class 3535

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Tina A.
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Great Class! Great Flow!
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I never know what to expect when I hit the start button of your latest video, Erika, as there seems to be no limit to your creativity !! But I'm always sure I'm going to love the class, and this one was no exception. Thanks a lot :))
Theresa L
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Loved it! As the comments mentioned above- always a surprise on the next movement and such great flow and strength work. Thank you 👏🏻
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WOW! So creative and fun! Can't wait to actually get on a reformer and try it. Sweating and shaking just watching the workout:)
Thank you Erika for sharing your energy, creativity and fun. Love your classes!
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Always love your creative workouts and will be trying this one shortly.

I have one question. I struggle mightily with reverse planks so will be doing that portion on the floor. My question is how to build up to reformer with no springs after floor. Should I start with one spring, two, etc.?

Thanks! Can’t wait to try this.
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I love cardio reformer classes! I also love using the therabands! Thank you for an awesome class!! Got my heart rate up and feel strong!
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Super creative. It's always great to be able to reinvent a Reformer class!
Erika Quest
Catherine Anne-Marie Tina A. Theresa Anne P. Stephanie YOU ALL ARE SO AWESOME! I always know when my latest PA class releases, because my email gets filled with great comments I have the pleasure of responding to. Really appreciate you taking this session and I had a lot of fun DOING it with you. Much love, Erika
Erika Quest
Lori Thanks so much for your sweet comments and enjoying my classes. It's an honor that my 7th year of classes are coming out on PA!

As far as your question is concerned, I would suggest definitely adding a heavy spring to your reformer and perhaps placing your feet all the way up against your shoulder rests for support. Then, you can safely try and put your hands on the rails of the reformer and lift up and down a bit. Don't try for the full reverse plank at first if you can't get there, and also know that the carriage may not move as much, but that's okay. Removing springs obviously makes it much more challenging, so be safe about it when taking these powerful moves to the reformer. Much love, Erika
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Thanks for the great class Erika Quest !! Some great ideas for group class work, can’t wait to share with my students ;)
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