Fall Prevention Strategies<br>Erika Quest<br>Tutorial 3537

Fall Prevention Strategies
Erika Quest
Tutorial 3537

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Yay! I've been waiting for new videos from you! I love every single one!
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Thank you. My senior ladies will be happy and ready to practice ...
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Love all of this! In addition to active aging, all of the band work has helped me with plantar fasciitis. I work on and have improved my balance every day because of you. Love all of your classes and can’t wait for more!
Erika Quest
Mel W Viera Lori YOU ALL ARE SO AWESOME! Thanks for being so lovely and watching these. Active Aging is such an important and very relevant topic, but YES it's also very functional for other needs as well! Much love to you all! Erika
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Erika, thank you! I”l be happy to use the ideas in my next class!
Erika Quest
YEAH Galina That's awesome and it makes me super happy!!!! Much love, Erika
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This is wonderful, and such important work! Keep it coming, and thank you for making this your focus. Moving through life with a sense of grace.
Sara Ellis-Owen
Another great class- I’ll be incorporating a lot of these strategies into my lessons going forward. It’s such an important topic.
I’ll also be using the strong side/smart side quote!
Thanks, as always for your positive energy 💪
Erika Quest
Hey Betty Thanks SO much for watching and for your lovely comment. It is truly my passion and I certainly believe motion is lotion for all of us, especially the Active Agers! Much love, Erika
Erika Quest
Sara my London BFF! You're the best. I feel just the same as you and these simple strategies are so effective to add in to our sessions and classes. I think you'll really see results with those you work with! Much love, Erika
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