Reformer with Props<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 3573

Reformer with Props
Courtney Miller
Class 3573

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OMG Courtney your creativity knows no boundaries! I am absolutely in love with the foam roller footwork/feet in straps. I really felt the inner arches and inner thighs activating throughout! I am quite pronated and generally hypermobile so I normally struggle finding a connection there! Thank you so much for sharing and I am really looking forward to your next one!
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she is a pilates genius
Could follow all till I got to the band part - the body stuff was most useful I think .... just too bad I didn’t have right length of band ... very creative stuff love the different ways the teach swan dive - which prop or apparatus would you use to teach swan dive to a beginner? Thanks!
As always, .excellent workout Courtney! Thank you for sharing your creativity with the Pilates Anytime community.
Great class, thank you!!!!
Very creative! More Stott Pilates please!
You are a genious Courtney
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Any chance you can tell us what band you use? None of mine were long enough. Thanks! Especially loved the last band exercise - so creative.
Always Awesome!
SO creative I had to have the BOSU flat side down for the standing side-arm! LOVED the planks and scooter to the back of the reformer. Agree with those who thought this was more of a level 3 class. Thank you!
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