Discovery Mat<br>Clare Dunphy<br>Class 3587

Discovery Mat
Clare Dunphy
Class 3587

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Thanks for the sweat sesh!! :)
Thanks Lisa! Glad you enjoyed:)
Dolly N
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Fantastic class! The way l love it!
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I finished so lifted and energized after this amazing class from Clare Dunphy !
Thanks Jennifer!  
Benjamin Degenhardt
Dear Clare, much love and many greetings from Stephan and Ben, all the way from Cyprus! Thanks for working us out today :)
Fantastic fast-paced class! I liked the "see the position of the hundred" cue in a lot of the exercises, because it truly can be seen and felt:)
Jacquie W
Thanks for the class! It was efficient, challenging, and fun!
Thank you! Straightforward and fun!
What an awesome morning sweat. Thank you Clare!
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