Day 1: Active Flexibility<br>Tracey Mallett<br>Class 3590

Day 1: Active Flexibility
Tracey Mallett
Class 3590

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Thank you Tracey! Lovely start. Look forward to the next class. Love Katarina
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Really Great. I always had such a hard time doing Ballet during my dance Education and with your workouts and the Pilates Background I understand it so much better and it feels like the legs are flying :)
Monique H
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Thank you, Tracey -- this was fabulous! :)
That was a real challenge, very lovely, great for my hips. Thank you @Tracey!
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Loved it tracy..Cant wait for the next one
Anke M
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Thanks :) so great and really what I needed after the Xmas days !! X
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OK! I'm in! I can tell this is gonna be so amazing! I warmed up before, so this ol'girl was ready to go. I'll do the same tomorrow! Thank you Tracey, see you tomorrow!
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Wow! I feel my legs are lifting three times higher than the beginning.
Laurie C
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This has been just what I’ve been needing! Flexibility is not one of my strengths or likes. But I know how important it is to do. This one I will definitely be repeating! Thank you Tracey! I enjoy working out with you!😎
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