Day 3: Lower Body
Tracey Mallett
Class 3591

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I'll be feeling this in my booty!! What a workout:)  First time using sliders. Good cardio for me as well!
This workout was absolutely incredible. I am a professional dancer and it challenged me in different ways that I didn't expect. Thank you Tracey for how thorough you are and for your fun spirit. It makes the work out a tad bit less challenging BUT ONLY a tad 😍😍. Thank you. I look fwd to tmrw's challenge. Blessings to yOu
I wish that the instructions here used more words to describe the positioning. When you are in down dog etc, its's not  easy to see what the instructor wants us to be doing. 
Fabulous as always xx
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Wow! You are very inspiring! When I do the exercises with you, you make it look like it is as easy as a stroll in the park! I look forward to being able to do these exercises with as much ease and grace as you do. I sure needed these today. I will definitely come back to them. I look forward to tomorrow's class! 
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Thanks Tracey, this challenge is keeping me going while isolating. Thanks for your smile and firm push to go a little further.
There was more mat than barre, so I found this class easier than class 1&2. I exercise on a carpet, so gliders don't work.  i slid my foot and that worked well. I also don't have a small ball (yet), so I put a 5 lb hand weight behind my leg, which worked great. Great class. I had fun and feel better. Thanks Tracey:) 
This class has been the most challenging so far, in a good way. I could barely do it my first time out. Then the second time I did a bit better. Boy did my thighs burn! It gives me a goal to keep doing these challenges until I can smile through it like you! Thank you for making this challenge:)
OMG sweating like there's no tomorrow
done. all I can say.
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