Lengthening Reformer<br>Joanne Bezzina<br>Class 3619

Lengthening Reformer
Joanne Bezzina
Class 3619

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Great class🙏🙏
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Awesome class! Love the mindful imagery cueing, thanks Jo!
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Beautiful class, Jo! Thank you so much. I enjoyed the cueing , variations and my body feels so good after that 🙏👏
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As always your classes are excellent. Thank you for a wonderful class!
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That was downright fun! And challenging. I love standing Pilates too! Thanks so much!
Carli Taylor
I really loved the "liquid energy" cue! Thank you for such a full mind-body class.
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Great class, thanks! My body feels so much better now after all this holiday's "laziness" 😉Especially enjoyed swan and the standing Pilates.
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Such a beautiful class, I feel amazing now. Thank you
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Thanks Jo! First class back after my Christmas break - just what I needed
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Thank you JoAnne - loved the sequence from hands in loops to semi circle and then revisiting semi circle in prone swan work. So creative💜
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