Stabilizing Reformer<br>Marimba Gold-Watts<br>Class 3631

Stabilizing Reformer
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3631

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Great class! I love the hip work.

I am just watching this and am looking forward to trying it.   Question: why the opposite foot strap- just to challenge pelvic stability?  
Congratulations Marimba. I really liked the modified and foundational coordination. 
Christine T
Thank you so much Marimba. Perfect for me, 62 year old had gluteal tendinopathy associated with trochanteric bursitis. I have recovered but sometimes I can feel a tingle. This hip stabilisation workout perfect for me and will be a keeper. Thanks again!
Liana C
Good breakdowns! Could work on improved transitions (better flow)...
Christine T
So good! I can never have too much hip stabilization! I love the pace.
Congratulations!  I love all the creativity and plan to teach the super-stable Frankenstein exercises.  I also love the stability and simplicity of all the unilateral work.  I am always looking for more ideas when teaching my level one classes.  Thank you Marimba and I hope to see more of your classes!  Remember there will always be a negative critic with feedback as I saw one on this page and don't let it bother you!  You are adorable!!!
Christa K
Loved this class! I will be sore tomorrow! =) 
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