Self-Care Reformer<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3633

Self-Care Reformer
Meredith Rogers
Class 3633

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Kristi B
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I loved the pace of this, gave me time to really focus into my own imbalances and stabilize. Thank you for a lovely class and I'm glad you're feeling better Meredith Rogers !
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Thank you Meredith. I have no injuries at the time being but my body craves for soft and smooth movement for a while. Although I workout amd do pilates very religiously for a life time;) this has been my mood for 3 weeks now. Keep these classes coming feom time to time please🙏
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Lovely class. Thank you so very much. The abs over the reformer get me every time. :)
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great class Meredith, thank you!🌷
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Great class! Can you tell me what springs you used at the beginning please?
Thank you so much Meredith. I’m glad you’re better! (I broke my back at T-12 four years ago. I healed well because Pilates was very alive in my body) but my back still requires thoughtful attention most days. Loved this class. Stay well!
Erin O
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Thank you so much, Meredith :)
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Your mindset with your Pilates practice is methodical, articulate and seems to improve with each video. Thank you Meredith for inspiring me..
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I absolutely love your classes the pace and the sound of your voice not to be creepy! Lol but so relaxing and connecting!! Also smart and basic choreography I don’t even have to look at the screen to follow along and that makes the whole workout way better 👍👍
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Thank you Meredith for such a wonderful class. So glad your back is feeling better. I am dealing with an SI joint issue, and this class is just what I needed. I love the way you cue each exercise and challenge us to get more work out of each movement. Love all of your classes! Thanks again!
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