Meri Christmas Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3634

Meri Christmas Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3634

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Carina H
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Merry Christmas. What a lovely class. I just wasn't prepared for the x-mas outfit, but now I know for next year ;) Thank you @Meredith
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Merry Xmas. great class @Meredith. Thank you!
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A perfect balance of butt kicking and delicious stretches. Thank you for the festive workout and happy 2019!
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Woke up so stiff but this helped so much, thank you Meredith! Happy New Year too!
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Wonderful! Did this as a post Christmas on vacation workout. Loved it :)
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That was a nice flow and stretch, thanks!
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Merry Christmas my sweet Meri!
Best wishes
Lina S
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I look forward to this Christmas class tradition! Thank you! Happy 2019!
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Super class, hope you had a wonderful Christmas Meredith x
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Doing this video on the last day of the year.. So, instead of merry Christmas I wish you and everybody at PA a very happy and healthy 2019! X
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