Jumpstart Mat 2<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 3688

Jumpstart Mat 2
Monica Wilson
Class 3688

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Elin P
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really good class! thank you x
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How did you know my legs were too far apart in open leg rocker? Great class. Thank you!
Thank you!!!! Exactly what I needed this minute!!!
Very good for me!
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Really enjoyed both classes Monica :) Thanks so much!
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Great class; perfect instructions; I enjoyed it a lot..thank you Monica
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Thank you for the great cueing. The pace was perfect especially for a 6am session.
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Awesome as the first one Monica Thank you!
Mika P
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Wow, the energy and the flow... Excellent sessions, thanks! :)
really great Flow class...definitely going to use this for when i don’t have the time for a longer class. A thank you to you!
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