Restorative Foam Roller<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 3701

Restorative Foam Roller
Amy Havens
Class 3701

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Loved the simplisticy; and oh so effective!! Thanks Amy!
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MMMMMM SO nice..................thankyou
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It is so good to hear your warm voice, Amy. This is so lovely and healing, especially today. Thank you. Xoxo
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Thank you all so much.... makes me feel so good getting this type of support and feedback. Breathing through.....
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Thank you, Amy! Thank you for inviting us in to move and find peace in the midst of stress. I had a stressful 3 1/2 hour IEP meeting for my son this past week, so this class was such a gift.
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Thank you so much Amy. That was a lovely class and it is great to share your experience and make it personal. I feel more connected. The tone of your voice is also very reassuring. Have a great week ahead!
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Thanks Amy for that lovely class, take care!
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Thanks Amy, this felt great! Hope your stress level is better. . . . Take care!
This was exactly what I need after a 17 km hike along a beautiful coast line with up-and downhills and a light day-pack on my back- Thank you!! My body feels relaxed and comfortable again!
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Thank you so much, Amy. This is new go go-to for Sunday mornings.
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