VIIT Reformer 2<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3703

VIIT Reformer 2
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3703

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I love this! Thank you so much.
Thank You Marijane for starting the comment trail. How did it go for you, integrating Reformer and BOSU?
Thank you Elizabeth for such an interesting class. I loved the cross connections that I felt in my body.
You mentioned at the beginning of the class that you have attached reference material which explains the intentions behind the movements. I wasn’t able to find those references, please help:)
Thanks again
Beverly ~ The reference material is in a link below the description. If you are on the app, you might not see the full description, but on a browser, you should be able to find it. If you have any trouble, you can email us at and we can send it to you.
Hi Elizabeth, well I don't have a bosu so I used my OOV instead. Let's just say it was quite the interesting ride, and there were just some exercises I could not do. I inserted something that I thought would get at the same idea. Like Amy, I was feeling that whole anterior chain. Thanks for this wild ride!
...that s nice! me too used an Oov by lack of a Bosu and I wondered if that is so much more challenging because I had a lot of trouble ;))
But the preparation for the jumping sequences is really great - an great also the uncovering of core-asymmetries. Thank you, Elisabeth!
Thank you for a fabulous class!
Love the cross connection and I a good laugh when I tried to do the tripod on the BOSU. I got work to do!
Beverly, articles are included in the references to give background ion Variable Intensity Interval Training and differentiate it from HIIT. There is also information about elastic recoil properties of fascia. Finally I I suggest a music playlist for tempo, flow and fun
Lynn and Hella-Maria: you are both adventurous. Certainly I understand the necessity of using available equipment to make reasonable substitutions. In my opinion it would be preferable to stay with the reformer for core-focused intervals rather than recreate Bosu moves on the Oov. Every piece of equipment offers some benefit in terms of vector specificity, stability, instability, texture, etc. I am not paid to endorse any equipment. I find the Bosu to be the best environment for the moves in this class. If no Bosu , use a box alongside the reformer carriage and no springs as I did in Reformer class 2017. Different than the Bosu and plenty challenging
Erin, I’m with you. Laughter is the best response when confronted with a kinesthetic blind spot. I love moves that are High Novelty and Low Risk. The best environment for motor learning and personal evolution. The former facilitates the latter
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