VIIT Reformer 2<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 3703

VIIT Reformer 2
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 3703

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Wise of you Denee to watch prior to doing the class. This strategy supports an accurate movement practice.👍
Terri W
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Elizabeth, I completely enjoyed this class & want more! There are some definite challenging moments & you had me smiling through them. Thank you for your amazing work, Terri
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Awesome Bosu exercises!  Thank you!
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Maravillosa e inspiradora siempre,Elisabeth. Thank you so much!
Eugenia L
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That BOSU core work was so awesome! Jumps in internal rotation ..... Wow!
Tahmour B
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Thanks ladies. I love u 2 in class together. And really appeeciated Amys questions to gain more insight into the whys.
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What a great class.  Elizabeth, I have been learning from you since about '92, you are amazing. Amy, have followed some of your classes here and love your approach as well. Together the energy that you bring to the work was very comfortable and easy to follow. Thank you! I have used the jumpboard, and the Bosu, a lot, but never in intervals like this, eager to practice this class! 
Amber  M
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