Playful Mat Movements<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 3740

Playful Mat Movements
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3740

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interesting work

Taghrid K
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Thank you so much Niedra for a Great fun workout. My body felt great and I do believe that movement is the best medicine. It's very functional and I loved it. So liberating to feel like a kid again, we must nurture that. Many thanks again, greatly appreciated.  
Lina S
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Thank you! More please of these fun exercises
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So simple but profound.  This was just what I needed after a lot of emotional stress this past week.  Thanks Neidra!  I will work this into my weekly class.
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love this  - more please Niedra?!
Niedra Gabriel
thank you all for your posts - I am delighted that you see the play and function about this work. I believe we have lost touch with our original movements as " animals" in nature, and reconnecting brings something so deeply real back to our selves.

Thank you all
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loved this class. Woke up my whole body so I can do other things. Essential for anyone over age 60. Perfect 
Niedra Gabriel
I thank you all for your comments.  I am fascinated with this response actually!  I agree that this is very useful for older people ( and young as well) as it restores the body in an easy way. Stiff joints tend to loosen up and often injuries can unblock .  Someone asked about Knees - don't push but work, like an animal, up to where it is uncomfortable.  The body has its own wisdom.
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WOW!  This class is terrific!  It accomplishes so much almost effortlessly!  Thank you Niedra.
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 This class teaches us gaining our natural movements back ; to use our own ability to make our body move freely and in balanced; I believe most of the people from different ages need to do these movements as a daily routine...I loved it a lot ;thank you Niedra
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