Melted Pilates Tower
Hallee Altman
Class 3745

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As a retired MELT and Pilates instructor, I really enjoy the Pilates MELT workouts on the mat or reformer.  I do this workout frequently.  Do you think you will add any more MELT on the Reformer workouts?
Hi Hallee, Just completed this workout again. It's so wonderful to combine MELT with a Pilates apparatus, the Tower.   I am so hoping that you will be able to do another MELT / PILATES TOWER class soon ...... 
Ditto to Janice M - I would love to reward myself with melt/pilates combos more often - the cues and roller assist makes a big difference.  Thanks to you both!
Each time I do this reformer MELT workout and enjoy it more and more.  Wish there were more.....
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