Pilates in The Car
Layla Khashoggi
Class 376

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What a great idea- Pilates in the car! Loved your class and I am going to try to remember your workout when I am in the car.
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Another perfect reminder that Pilates can and should be incorporated into our daily lives, eventually becoming part of our subconscious! Thank you!
This class reminds everyone who enjoys Pilates workout - it's not only a workout, but a great help to everyone's lives. Thank you.
Thanks ladies! High five to all of us who look for Joe's Mojo wherever we g
Elaine- The class was just taken down briefly for some final editing... it should be back up soon. We will also have a downloadable, printable booklet you can put together and keep in your car, as well as a link to enable the mobile version of PA on your phone
Can we download that beautiful car with the printable booklet?
Thanks, that was fun.
Leslie Watts!! You are fun! Love to see you in the forums. Now if we could just see your profile picture Missing you here in Santa Barbara!
I shared this link to my facebook page for my Pilates studio, JoyMoves, in Austin,Texas
That is fantastic!!!! Love this concept, can't wait to see the next one...Pilates Standing in Line? or Pilates in the Dr.'s Waiting Room? Possibilities are endless. Thank you!
I've certainly used most of these exercises on planes as well! One memorable flight to Singapore I had my fellow travelers join me for an impromptu "class". Yesterday I shared these exercises with a woman just coming off pregnancy bedrest who needs to regain flexibiity and confidence in her body! Thanks for reminding us that Pilates is a way of life and not just a studio practice.
Layla Khashoggi
Shoshana- Many thanks for spreading the Pilates Anytime/Anywhere love.
Jennifer- Much more is in the works already! Standing - yes. Seated - yes. Awareness-raising - yes. Fun - definitely! Lots more - yes.
Joni- Hallelujah to ya... I'll be the one standing next to you in the galley of the plane doing roll downs and side bends! Thanks for passing these on to those who can benefit... which is pretty much every BODY.
More to come, more to share
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