Class 1: Breath
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3808

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I happened to do this class, and found it was part of The Daily Dose. Now I’m ready to continue to do the whole challenge. Love your teaching, Sarah.
Wonderful! Have fun and keep me posted. 
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I expected more direction on the breath. Remind us when to inhale and exhale, maybe add sound. Too much talking about the movement distracts me from breath.
Hi Wendy,  Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear this class did not deliver what you expected. My intention when choosing a focus for each class was provoke the students to think about how to infuse the specific focus with the work and carry on to the next day.  The focus is meant to be more of an idea that you may roll with.  I am getting ready to teach a live mat class series( 1 hour classes so more time to teach, work and stretch!) and intend to spend some time talking about breath and using breath intention.  
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Just the gentle challenge I needed today!
Wonderful to hear Kandie A !

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Very nice! Just what my body needed before starting another day of telehealth. Will be back for more to ease my tight neck, shoulders and hips.
Yes Laura F !  Take care of that tight neck and shoulders. hugs!
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Love this program Thanks
wonderful to hear Cynthia G ! Keep me posted.  And take care! 
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