Class 3: Awareness<br>Sarah Bertucelli<br>Class 3810

Class 3: Awareness
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3810

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Thank you!  Love the side stretches at the wall. 
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This is a great wall stretch; specially for forward head issue; thank you Sarah
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Delightful awareness!! 
wow! amazing work! Thank's
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Loved this, thanks Sarah :))
Stacey M
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Oh my! I took inventory afterwards ..and I felt every thing Sarah stated in being aware. Thank you!
Vicki so please you love the side stretch.  Feels so good! Cigdem I was amazed by how different I felt after this class.  My head was in a whole new place!
Becky C
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Fabulous! Thank you! Loving this series of classes!
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I loved wall idea. I really felt my posture and i smelt my calf burning :)). Thank you Sarah Bertucelli for this fab series.   
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Great what one can do with a wall!!!
Thank you very much!!!
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