Beginner Mat 2<br>Cara Reeser<br>Class 3821

Beginner Mat 2
Cara Reeser
Class 3821

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Thanks for this awesome class! I needed all your cues to stay focused!
Thanks loved it!
Thanks loved it!
Linda L
I love your articulation!
Jane B
Loved this class, thank you. Really clear instructions and a nice flow. 
Cat M
Cara, this was my second class with you and it felt so good. This is the start of my second week ever doing pilates. You are such an encourager for a beginner, thank you! 

(I am 46 and have recently had knee surgery and 4 years ago had some cervical spine metal plates inserted and have adopted a special needs beautiful little boy and so feel these classes will really help me get stronger over the months to continue carrying a little boy who needs a string mama! Am a British paediatrician working out in India!)
Wonderful class.  Love your teaching style and knowledge.  
Julie B
Love this class. I love the pacing, it's great for someone who is getting back into pilates, but doing mat for the first time. Thank you!
Woo hoo!!! SO much harder than it looks! My back feels so alive and my abs are lit up! Thank you Cara!
@CaraReeser I'm really enjoying these gentle classes while recuperating from Covid19 - they are a perfect way of regaining my strength. Thank you!
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