Mat Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 384

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Just wanted to let you know this video cut out at about 17:35,right after the saw. Tried to play again from there but couldn't, gee just when I got really warmed up lol!
I really enjoyed this workout. Thank you Niedra!
yeah i was getting into it too lol, and then cut out!
We're looking into what might be the problem...
Sarah did your video cut out at 17:35 too?
Excellent classical class. Great cueing and precise details.
Great class, really liked the pace, thank you.
Hi all, thank you, glad you enjoyed the class. I will be teaching every Monday for Pilates anytime so hope you will let me know if there is anything specific you would like covered.
Great class! Such a nice change to see a true classical class taught the way I was taught to teach Pilates. I can't wait for more from Neidra!
Love to hear that Devra! There will definitely be more...
This is great! Would love a beginner reformer and a 30min accelerated workout for us busy moms when time is short! oxo
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